Elegantly Simple Rental Property Bookkeeping System - The easiest system in the WorldRent Book

I have tried many of the Rental Property bookkeeping systems out there and have always been disappointed.  Even Quick books was hard to learn, complicated to use and did not do what I wanted.

So I set out to create my own system.  

After trying many platforms and formats, I ended up with a spreadsheet on the Google Doc's platform.  

This is free software that can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world but only you have access via a password.

I will provide you with a customizable Template by email that will keep track of the 

Monthly Billing and Income.

Profit and Loss that automatically adds everything up, ready for the tax preparer.

Invoice that is very customizable and remembers all your tenant information.

Viewable on Windows, Mac, even Smart Phones in the field.

There is no limit to how many units you can add to this system.

You just add the tenant information once and the rest is done automatically for you.

It will come via email so no shipping charge, no waiting for the mail.

        Invoice monthly

Easy and quick to set up

Easy to see who owes what

Easy to see who is paying on time and who is always paying late

Easy to add a late charge

Easy to see if you are making a profit or a loss 

Easy to see where your money is going

Easy to see which are your good tenants and which are tenants from hell

No annual updates

Easy to customize

Full Instructions included

All this for just $10.  What do you have to loose?